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Soulcrane + Matthew Halpin

Soulcrane was formed at the beginning of 2015 by trumpeter Matthias Schwengler. The Trio performs its own compositions and its musical direction is constantly being reshaped in response to new ideas. All three musicians bring their own influence to the band to create a collective and innovative sound, a blend of novelty and tradition. For their second album “Another Step We Take”, Soulcrane invites Matthew Halpin on saxophone. He greatly contributes to the intimate atmosphere created by the band and shifts seemingly from soulful balladesque to harmonically complex. The four Cologne-based musicians are working and composing together, preserving the warm and chamber music character of their work.

Matthias Schwengler – Trumpet
Matthew Halpin - Saxophone
Reza Askari – Double Bass
Philipp Brämswig – Guitar